Code of Ethics
Portland Psychedelic Society



Our ethical commitments begin with love. We honor those who have held the torch in working with non-ordinary states of consciousness and healing for millennia before us. We promote and foster self-inquiry, and a willingness to learn while remaining open to feedback.

We recognize that as a community we grow and inspire each other to live up to our highest potential. We collaborate on this living document with our feet firmly grounded on the Earth, our hearts open to all, our minds in sound judgment, and with forethought and discernment.

We define and assess our integrity by knowing and striving to abide by the following ethical commitments embodied in these principles:


We will draw our strength from our diversity. We welcome, and encourage to join us, any person who shares our commitments to education about psychedelics and harm reduction in their use, and our ethical commitments.


We recognize the intrinsic value of every sovereign human being, and treat all people as our equals.


We understand that every person is entitled to establish her or his own boundaries. We only interact with other people with their consent.


We work together to create safe spaces. We make sure that our speech and behavior promote a safe environment for everyone present.


We respect all people and consider how our actions may affect others. We strive to understand those with whom we disagree, so that we may work together to solve our disagreements.


We are mindful. We strive to be present in every moment and to consider the consequences of our actions.


When we act as board members, we separate our financial and professional interests from our decision making so that we may best serve the interests of the Society and its membership.


We will make certain that all disclosures made in financial reports, committee reports, and board of directors’ reports are full, accurate, timely, and understandable.


While we continually strive to act in accordance with these ethical commitments, we acknowledge our own humanness. When we have lapses in judgment or create inadvertent harm, we seek to make things right through humble listening, owning our contribution to wrongs, asking for council, and being receptive to correction.


We act from these ethical commitments and remember who we serve. We realize that psychedelics can bring about growth, and we commit to applying our gained wisdom to improving this code of ethics whenever possible.